Have you ever thought to yourself “Wouldn’t it be nice to spend the whole day in bed”? Well, here’s your chance.

On Sunday the 17th of April people all around the country will be taking to their beds for The Big Lie In, a sponsored day in bed in aid of Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it might not be as easy as you’d think. A full day in bed can be a real challenge. What do you do when you get bored? Or when the doorbell rings? What do you do when you just want to get up and have a bit of a stretch, go for a walk. or get a breath of fresh air?

This is the challenge that awaits you! OLHCS would love you to give it a go and find out for yourself. But remember, whether it sounds like a dreamy way to support or like a nightmare, either way you can rest assured that every hour you spend in bed will help make a real difference to the lives, and end-of-life, of the patients and residents in Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services.

The Big Lie In 2016
And remember, sponsored events should be fun – for many people taking part in a sponsored event is very much an occasional thing, so be sure to have a bit of a craic with this one. Here are some fun ways in which you could make The Big Lie In work for you:

  • Don’t do it alone – get your friends involved!
  • Think about all the things you can get done while you have some peace and quiet for once – grab that book you’ve been meaning to read, dig out your address book and write some letters to friends and family, power up the laptop and catch up on that box set, the options are endless!
  • Get your family organised in advance (after all, if you’re in bed someone has to do the cooking and cleaning for the day, right?)

Big Lie In logos banner
Our Lady’s Hospice has two centres, one in Harold’s Cross and one in Blackrock, but they work in the community as well, providing specialist care for people with a wide range of needs from rehabilitation to end of life care.

All the funds raised from this and the other fundraising campaigns throughout the year supports the work they do.

So, don’t sleep on it, sign up online today.


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Lead image © Rasulov; all other photos courtesy The Big Lie In

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