The Irish Cancer Society invites you to discover and confront your greatest fears and take the Fearless Challenge to beat cancer.

What is your biggest fear or phobia? Are you afraid of heights? Swimming with sharks? Skydiving? Now is the perfect time to confront and overcome these whilst also supporting a very worthy cause.

The Irish Cancer Society has launched the Fearless Challenge, their new summer campaign, and they are looking for you to do something fearless for cancer.

Irish Cancer Society Fearless Challenge 2015
The challenge asks members of the public to pledge to overcome their fears — no matter how big or small — and aim to achieve pre-determined fundraising goals with the help of their family, friends and community. When you have completed your challenge, you record it and post it online.

Speaking at the launch event Liz Logan, Campaigns Manager, Irish Cancer Society explained what the campign is all about. “The idea is ‘Fear Factor’ for a good cause. We all have something we are afraid of – big or small, from the common fears to the weird and wacky ones. Cancer is something we are all afraid of and unfortunately no one can control who faces that fear. But with the Fearless Challenge people can choose to face their fear and be fearless, while also helping those with cancer. So it’s a win win.”

Irish Cancer Society Fearless Challenge - how to get involved
All the money raised goes to the Irish Cancer Society. This will help fund research on all types of cancer, provide free information and support services for patients and their loved ones, educate the public about the early detection of the disease and cancer prevention, and advocate for public policies that prevent cancer and help those living with it.

To get involved call the Fearless Hotline on CallSave 1850 60 60 60 or visit the Fearless Challenge website.

Be Fearless and help those with cancer do the same!

Fearless Challenge hashtag
Lead image © Julia Caesar; all other images courtesy Irish Cancer Society


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