A special one-off auction of music memorabilia will be held in Whelan’s of Wexford Street this June to support the fight against homelessness.

Man in Hat and Inner City Helping Homeless present a once off event that has never been achieved before, if not even dreamed. This is a call out to ALL Irish musicians to be a part of this “earth-shattering” event to help combat homelessness!

All Irish acts are welcome to take part in this major project, so please send in your signed CD, tape, vinyl, merchandise! All the autographed material – what the organisers think will be the largest collection of Irish music ever – will be auctioned off at a whopper event and all money raised will go to help the homeless across urban centres nationwide.

Artists can send their merchandise to:

Inner City Helping Homeless (Registered Number 54059)
37 Killarney Court
Killarney Street
Dublin 1

They can also leave items into The Mercantile Hotel on Dublin’s Dame Street for the attention of Keiron Campbell Black.

Music for the Homeless takes place on Thursday, 18th June at Whelan’s of Wexford Street.

Please help ICHH combat homelessness in Dublin

25, Wexford Street
Dublin 2

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