Welcome back to our Viral Buzz weekly roundup, showcasing all our favourite videos from the past week – sit back and enjoy!

Your chance to revisit all the videos that have featured in our Viral Buzz segment over the last seven days. As always, we try and mix it up and this past week was no different – from a review of human rights in 2013 to the awesomeness of people, some life hacking tips for oenophiles and an app that will earn you some serious brownie points!

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Check out our Viral Buzz videos

1. Your 2014 goals. Creat the perfect time, the perfect opportunity, the perfect situation.


2. Awesomeness.


3. Life hacking tips from Mirabeau Wine!


4. Human Rights in 2013 – a review


5. This app could save your relationship…


6. We all want to do this – nice one Anders!


7. Things to do with your golf balls!


Check out our Viral Buzz videos

Lead image credit © Vladimir Kramer (edited)


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