Wednesday evenings in Temple Bar, keep an eye and ear out for Verona Riots, a five piece combo guaranteed to get your feet tapping!

If you are flying into Dublin from distant lands or you are crossing the divide from patches of our fair old Isle, you will not be able to depart without being directed into, onto, over and under, the infamous Temple Bar.

Whether it’s from nightclub vultures or restaurant poachers, you will not escape the mayhem, the stray branches and falling debris of the jungle that is The Square. If you suddenly find yourself following a hen to her nesting place or are lost in a herd of stags and bewildered by the prospect of yet another sticky floored pub, then brace yourself for a hidden gem amidst the madness.

Once you tussle your way through no man’s land and out to the western shores, skip down the cobbles towards Temple Lane South, to the corner of the famous Temple Bar pub. Take a breath, you have made it! You have now entered the calm, hassle-free, tranquil, retro Temple Bar we often don’t hear about.

Verona Riots performing in Temple Bar
Verona Riots performing in Macroom
You might begin to hear the hair-raising sound of the distinctive blood harmonies of Ciarj and Rob Vipond, as you guide your feet over the medieval cobbles. This five piece band is made up of powerful guitar solos from Carl, precision beats from Tommay on drums, a hallow, resonating pluck of the bass from Rob and judicious keyboard playing from Ger with supporting vocals, and a magical musical mix of flamboyant crowd pleasing and astute voice projection from Ciarj.

Described by State magazine as having a “subtly sophisticated sound and an undeniable pulse”, they are sure to entertain. Verona Riots are parked most Wednesdays from 8pm outside the Brick Alley Café, drawing a big crowd of revelers, they are sure to jolt your toes back to tapping the city’s pavements.

Verona Riots have built up an impressive portfolio of appearances and gigs over the last couple of years. Hard working Class Heroes, two time winners of the Macroom Food Festival busking competition, an appearance on Brendan O’Connor’s Saturday Night Show, recently played a couple of tunes on Locals Only on Radio Nova, to name but a few.

What is most impressive however, is this bands street cred. Gathering what is known as a circle show has proven very beneficial for these lads. On more than one occasion this attention has resulted in some very interesting opportunities. The most significant of which was the proposal from Mallorcan artist Nívola Uyá to design a piece of art based on her listening to these minstrels.

Verona Riots - Live for the Moment
This very quickly blossomed into a union of artists, developing an amazing concoction of music and art in an interactive street show, before the launch of their album, Live for the Moment. Onlookers were invited to pick up a brush and add their own strokes to a life-sized version of the album cover. The result was a beautiful piece of art incorporating the artist’s vision, the bands lyrics, the fans interactions, and the streets of Temple Bar.

My advice to you is to grab a craft beer or a coffee from the Brick Alley and settle yourself on the footpath outside for a mix of music and atmosphere that will warm the cockles (and mussels) of your heart…

Verona Riots mixing desk

All images courtesy Verona Riots Facebook page


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