What better way to wind down after a day in the office than spending an hour dancing in the dark, and just letting loose?

The concept behind Soda Bread Box is simple — get people into a darkened room, pump up the music, and let them dance away to their heart’s content for an hour.

Created and run by Ronan Conway and Diarmuid Sexton, the guys believe that everyone is a dancer, and that we should all be able to dance in whatever way the music moves us. Thus the idea of a dimly lit space with funky tunes was born, giving people the opportunity to express and ultimately enjoy themselves.

Soda Bread Box is an alcohol-free event, run in a non-threatening atmosphere, with the aim of appealing to all ages, genders, backgrounds and demographics. As the guys say, it’s not about being a “good” dancer, it’s about experiencing the feeling of letting loose, losing your inhibitions, and dancing.

Soda Bread Box is proposed as a stress reliever and it’s definitely fun. There is no dress code but you are advised to wear something light as it can get a bit hot and also so that your deadly dance moves are not restricted! And do bring a towel and maybe even a change of clothes. And some deodorant. Water is supplied but you can also bring your own water bottle if you like.

Admission is €5 and there is a complimentary cloakroom. The residency at FilmBase in Temple Bar will be coming to an end soon as there are building works starting on the premises in early August. The guys are on the lookout for a new venue, and if you know of anywhere suitable, please contact them.

Soda Bread Box in Dublin
Soda Bread Box
Curved Street
Temple Bar
Dublin 2

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All images courtesy Soda Bread Box

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