In the third of our One in a Million series, we meet DJ Daley, a very charismatic Nigerian-Irish DJ and radio presenter supreme.

DJ Daley has been living in Ireland for over 15 years, and he presents the “Urban Vibez” show on Near90.3FM (North East Access Radio), a community radio station based in Coolock. He is very passionate about music and social media, and he can be found playing music in clubs and bars all over Ireland. A Business graduate of the National College of Ireland, Dublin, he is also currently studying for a postgraduate Higher Diploma in Web Development at Griffith College Dublin.

DJ Daley will be playing at Africa Day (Atilogwu Stage) in the Phoenix Park, Dublin on Sunday 29th May, from 4 – ­5pm.

Meet DJ Daley

What attracted you to Dublin in the first place?

I actually never heard much about Dublin or Ireland before I came here over 15 years ago, but I just ended up here by chance because my Uncle frequently said good things about Ireland generally and then, that kinda influenced me in coming to Dublin. To be fair, Dublin is a great and very interesting city, the vast majority of people in Dublin are nice human beings.

What does Dublin mean to you?

Dublin means a lot to me, my family is here. I have lots of friend here, and I always try to integrate as much as I can into Irish society, by getting involved in a lot of community activities, gigs, festivals and so on. I am so used to Dublin at this stage and I would find it very challenging to live anywhere else.

I also live very close to the city centre and I spend lots of time there. I love city life! Dublin is a buzzing city, full of adventures.

How long have you been DJing?

I bought my first set of turntables and a mixer at Sounds Around in Capel Street sometime in 2001, and have never looked back. I have been playing parties all over Ireland and internationally since then, from house parties to nightclub gigs and big concerts, I have done it all.

I have also been presenting the Urban Vibez on Near90.3FM for over 10 years. This is a Hip Hop / RnB show, on every Sunday from 9.30pm to­ 11.30pm, and you can listen in online worldwide.

DJ Daley @ Near FM

What do you think of the music scene in Dublin?

The music scene in Dublin is quite unique and diverse. It is very broad and complex, with a lot of people listening to a lot of different genres of music. People basically have choices in determining what kind of music they want to listen to, and what kind of clubs they want to go to for their kind of music. There is definitely something for everyone in Dublin when it comes to music.

What are your favourite music haunts in Dublin?

Temple Bar is Dublin’s answer to London’s West End. Definitely Temple Bar, there are lots of places to go there to enjoy great music and a great night out. I would go into any club or bar once the music and atmosphere is right.

I regularly go to concerts as well, I was at the ASAP Nast gig at The Button Factory recently, and Choice Cuts does a lot of Hip Hop gigs at The Sugar Club, so I go there too sometimes.

What other projects are you working on at the moment (or have planned for the near future)?

I am working on a series of mixtapes to be released before the end of the year. And you can catch me at the upcoming Africa Day on the 29th May.

Describe your perfect Dublin day?

My perfect Dublin day would be a sunny day! When the sun is shining, it puts everyone in a positive mood.

What one thing would you change about Dublin?

Extend nightclub opening hours till 5am.

DJ Daley and friends
Many thanks to DJ Daley for taking the time to answer our questions. Stay up-to-date with his movements on his Facebook page, and maybe send him the odd tweet to say hello! And do check out his Sunday night ‘Urban Vibez’ show on Near90.3FM, the perfect way to wrap up the weekend!


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All photos courtesy DJ Daley

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