FiftyTwoWords is a new venture, providing a platform for people to tell their stories and share their personal experiences.

The Irish are great storytellers. And boy, do we love a good story, however much truth there may be in it! Enter FiftyTwoWords, a new concept which aims to be a celebration of human experiences through the medium of words and stories.

People from all walks of life have amazing stories to tell with a powerful message, and FiftyTwoWords wants to find these people and bring them to its stage. Central to each event will be a word or theme, with those involved exploring the meaning of that word or theme, but from completely different perspectives. Audiences will be engaged, entertained, and will no doubt come away having learned something new.

Speaking about the motivation behind setting up FiftyTwoWords, Co-Founder Diarmuid says “The days of storytelling in Ireland seems to be behind us. The trait that Irish people are renowned worldwide for is our ability to story tell and share human experiences in an energetic manner. Unfortunately, in this age of modern technology nobody seems to have time to share their stories in person anymore. I vividly remember my uncle and grandmother tell countless stories around the fireplace in North Cork as a youth. But in recent times, I can’t recall many such memories.”

FiftyTwoWords poster for inaugural event RISK
A longtime fan of Ted Talks, he feels that there is a dearth of these style of events happening on a regular basis in Dublin. With FiftyTwoWords, they guys aim to redress this imbalance.

The inaugural FiftyTwoWords event takes place in The Sugar Club in Dublin, on Wednesday, 2nd September at 7:30pm, featuring four speakers from very diverse backgrounds. They will each share their experiences and stories revolving around the word ‘Risk’.

Diarmuid tells us, “We are really excited about our line up and feel we have an amazingly interesting and dynamic show, that everyone can learn from and take something away with them. Genuine and human storytelling at its finest.”

Some of the speakers for RISK with FiftyTwoWords
The speakers for the September event are:-

Feilim Mac An Iomaire: the PR genius behind Paddy Powers marketing campaigns who hit Irish headlines in 2011 with his infamous Jobless Paddy advert, ‘Save Me From Immigration’.

Kate McGrew: an Active Sex worker in the Irish Industry and strong advocate of women’s rights and open discussion on what can be a very controversial and emotive topic.

Colm Fitzgerald: UCD lecturer and risk analysis expert, he will provide the audience with a psychological look at what promotes the best of risk takers in the world, whether it be risk taking in business or lifestyle choices.

The final speaker will be an extremely rare and once in a lifetime talk by one of Ireland’s most familiar but extremely secretive risk takers. Patrons of FiftyTwoWords’ debut event will be treated to the internal risk management and mind-set of a recently retired Irish Army Bomb Disposal Officer. This frank and open presentation will give an insight into a very select few who actively place their lives at great danger to protect others, during the course of their duties.

FiftyTwoWords logo

FiftyTwoWords debut event takes place in The Sugar Club in Dublin, on Wednesday, 2nd September at 7:30pm. Tickets for ‘Risk’ cost €20 + fees and may be purchased online through EventBrite.

The Sugar Club
8, Lower Leeson Street
Dublin 2

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