This April, One For Ireland is asking that we all donate just one euro to help combat youth homelessness throughout the country.

One For Ireland is a charitable movement that was created to challenge youth homelessness in Ireland. Everyone involved is doing so as a volunteer and, thanks to the support of their partners, 100% of funds raised go directly to the chosen charities.

The organisation looks to tackle the main issues that confront Irish society, and the guys decided that, for their first year, homelessness was the most pressing issue. They want to find a solution based on their research and ideas.

One For Ireland statistic
One For Ireland tell us that “youth homelessness is typically linked to insecurity throughout an individual’s formative years and those predominantly affected are young people who have been in care and have been moved frequently. We noticed that there is a significant disconnect between child welfare services and homelessness services for adults. The facilities tackling homelessness for adults are unsuited to this younger demographic, and can indeed exacerbate existing issues such as substance abuse and mental illness in the group. Further studies show that youth homelessness is linked to poor education, lack of employment and poor healthcare in their teenage years”.

One for Ireland asks, for one day, that everyone in Ireland donates €1. There are many different ways to donate — online, through mobile, social media and many more. The guys are going to try and break the record for most text donations in a day, most donations in a day and biggest 24-hour fundraiser.

By asking for €1. From 1 million people. In 1 day. 29th April, 2016.

One For Ireland stats
Let’s all do our part on the 29th April. €1 from each of us will make a huge difference. It’s time to eradicate homelessness from the streets of our towns and cities for once and for all. The time to act is NOW.


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Lead image © Oleksandr Delyk

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