It is no secret how fabulous the Metro Café is. Let us not beat around the bush, we all know and love it. Its hip, it’s happening, it’s constant.

The staff are cooler than cool, attentive, complementing and observant. They don’t just offer a table, good service and smiles, but go the extra mile with dog bowls, blankets to keep our knees cosy, they pull our chairs in and out, detail the daily cakes so you can’t resist. Even Chris McMorrow of the Keeling Gallery is painting about it. (We will return here, because it deserves time of its own).

So take yourself to the spot, and pull up a pew under the canopy. Next, you must crouch right down into your seat. Rest your blanket behind your head for comfort, close your eyes, reach out if you dare, touch the air, and grab it!

Focus your mind on the sounds around you. They are subtle so you really have to focus for this. Hear the hum of the traffic, the hazy buzz of a moped carrying its passenger, the clunk of the menu going back into its slot, the steam and swish and caress of the coffee machine, the clink of glasses and cups, the distant ring of tills, wrapping of goods, the echo of street performers, clip clop of shoes, and the thump of heavy shop doors.

Metro Café terrace Dublin
Spring is about the rustle of daffodils being wrapped in paper by stallholders, the rasping of metal table legs off the concrete paths, the hum of voices and bump of flirtatious hips craving each other’s touch.

Now, open your eyes and see the sky, smell the beans, taste the pastry in the air, the stale belch of evening beers, and the over-sprayed perfume from the lady at the next table, stolen from the counter in Brown Thomas…. Can you feel it, breathe it, and taste it? It is, as Virginia Woolf put it so tenderly, the violent jolt of the capital.

This is one of a few spots around the city that will feed your soul. You can feel the spring in our step. On every street corner, you meet a smiling lady, renewed from the hairdresser or a student stocked up on fresh grant splurges, yoga bears still bouncing around on New Year’s resolutions, purposefully scruffy, well dressed and polished bohemian rhapsodies!

The city is alive and we should embrace it. If you are a visitor then take it in and take it with you. If you are a local then embrace it and remember it. It is this buzz that gets us through. This buzz will enlighten, entice and enrich our souls.

Metro Café Dublin
Metro Café
43, South William Street
Dublin 2

Tel: 01 679 4515

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Lead image © William Murphy on Flickr, licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0 licence; all other images courtesy Metro Café


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