Coffee culture is prevalent in cities the world over, and nowhere moreso than Dublin, awash with great cafés to take time out and chill.

What better way to spend an hour or two, than sitting in your favourite café, book or newspaper in hand, enjoying a coffee or a hot brew. Here are a few of our top picks of cafés within one square mile of Grafton Street.

Coffee beans

Bewley’s Café on Grafton Street

An institution, which has been hydrating the masses since 1840. This fabulous building caters for hundreds of thirsty customers at any one time and the setting is cosy and romantic. The waft of freshly ground coffee lures customers in from the street, who vary between grannies, intellectual bookworms to trendy couples and gaggles of chatty friends. Teas and coffee galore – not to forget damn good cakes too!

KC Peaches on Nassau Street

A big open canteen-style space that proves a perfect spot to refuel. Wooden floors and funky lampshades give character, while a big blackboard menu offers salads and sandwiches. The whole menu is great tasting food without added chemicalsartificial additives or preservatives. There’s a hot food counter too for those in a rush. Jugs of tap water and glasses are readily available so you don’t need to pester the waiter or feel obliged to order a bottle. The cakes and fresh juices are yum.

KC Peaches and Dunne & Crescenzi in Dubiln

Dunne & Crescenzi on South Frederick Street

Half the name above the door is Italian so the chances are the Java is good, and as one sip will prove – it is good coffee. The place serves lunch and dinner, but during off peak hours it’s a nice spot to enjoy a cuppa something. And if you suffer from a sweet tooth, their selection of truly authentic Italian desserts will keep you coming back for more. Sit on the terrace on sunny day and sure, you could be in Rome. Well, if you close your eyes and zip up your jacket!

Kaph on Drury Street

If it’s a caffeine hit you’re after, these guys do great coffee. Small and purposeful Kaph is dedicated to offering specialty coffee sourced from far and wide. Whether it’s take-out or drink-in each cup of Joe can be enjoyed with some mouthwatering madeleines or wheat/dairy/gluten free brownies. Good music plays a big part at Kaph and if it’s not pumping out of their speakers then it’s most likely a band that has just popped in for an impromptu jam session.

Kaph café in Dublin


Bewley’s Café
78-79, Grafton Street
Dublin 2

Tel: 01 672 7720

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KC Peaches
28-29, Nassau Street
Dublin 2

Tel: 01 633 6872

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Dunne & Crescenzi
14-16, Sth. Frederick Street
Dublin 2

Tel: 01 675 9893

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31, Drury Street
Dublin 2

Tel: 01 123 4567

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Lead image courtesy Bewley’s Facebook page; photo of coffee beans by Jeff Kubina on Wikimedia Commons licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0 licence; photo of Kaph courtesy Kaph Facebook page; all other photos courtesy Jane Plunkett




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