WellFest is a unique one day health and fitness festival being held in Dublin’s Herbert Park this September. 

WellFest is about celebrating all aspects of wellness and wellbeing, offering participants a large selection of classes, workshops and seminars to choose from at the festival. You decide if this is the day that you kick start a fitness regime, or maybe you just want to learn new skills from top professionals.

The  headline presenters at WellFest will be bringing the best in terms of old and new fitness trends from around the world. There will be five designated WellZones, each housing a different activity like spin, yoga, pilates, and aerodance classes. Other activities include workshops, and seminars on strength and conditioning, nutrition, triathlon and marathon training, mindfulness and wellbeing — to name but a few.

WellFest 2015
You decide on how you want to spend your day at WellFest, and what activities you want to undertake, and in what order. Maybe you start off with a bootcamp hosted by Insanity Fitzone, guaranteed to  dislodge those cobwebs. Or maybe breakfast sounds like a more inviting way to ease you into the day — visit the WellHungry zone for a high protein start to your WellFest.

Now that you’re starting to feel energetic, why not hit the main stage for a class with Svava of the Viking Method. And after all that high intensity working out, consider popping along to one of the Trigger Point Therapy workshops, and round off your day with some meditation at WellBeing.

You will leave WellFest feeling on top of the world — promising yourself that next year you’ll check out Strength and Conditioning at WellStrong!

WellFest takes place in Herbert Park in Ballsbridge in Dublin, from 10am to 7pm on Saturday, 19th September. The event is strictly for over 18s and unfortunately not suitable for children.

Tickets for WellFest cost €35 + fees and may be reserved online. Your ticket gives you the opportunity to hand pick a day of wellness from the large selection of activities on offer at the festival. Some workshops may need to be booked in advance, due to limited capacity.

For further information about the event, visit the official WellFest website.

WellFest 2015 in Herbert Park Dublin
Herbert Park
Dublin 2

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