The landmark statue of Molly Malone, wheeling her wheelbarrow, is no more – our favourite fishmonger has had to capitulate to the LUAS.

Dubliners in and around the Grafton Street area were in for a surprise this morning, as the iconic statue of Molly Malone, which sat for the last quarter of a century opposite the Provost’s house in Trinity, had disappeared. Gone. Lock, stock, and wheelbarrow.

Who, you ask, had played this prank on the unsuspecting public? Students having a laugh? Someone with more sinister motives? No. It was actually the City Council who removd the bronze œuvre, to make way for the proposed LUAS line that will be passing through the vicinity.

Molly Malone first verse
Up to two dozen city workers were involved in the operation, which took place around midnight last night. The original plan was to remove the sculpture in two separate pieces, but Gráinne Mackin, Director of Communications for the LUAS Cross City project, confirmed that the crew was able to remove the statue and wheelbarrow in one go. The plinth will be removed in the coming week or so.

The bronze sculture has been taken away to specialists for repair work, and it is hoped to have Molly back in her new home, outside the Tourist Office on Suffolk Street, by mid-June. So, if you’re missing your Molly, here’s a little something to tide you over!

Lead image Nol Aders on Wikimedia Commons; licenced under CC BY-SA 3.0 licence


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