A New Year, a new you? What better way to leap into 2014 and firm your resolve to get back into shape than trying out a course of Pilates?

Oh the memories of Christmas – high on Quality Street and sitting by the fire picking turkey and stuffing crumbs off that festive jumper. There honestly isn’t anything like pure indulgence to kick-start us into wanting to become healthier and fitter people, is there?

But even still, best intentions often run out of steam as festive bloating fades further from our memory. That’s why – as with any change of lifestyle – it’s important to ease into a new fitness routine gently, set realistic goals and stay positive and focused.

If the thoughts crowded gyms or jogging in the frost and rain send chills up your spine then maybe Pilates could be your thing for 2014. Apart from certain machine based exercises, much of Pilates is done with your rear-end plonked firmly on a mat.

But don’t be fooled, it’s a thorough workout. Pilates works to strengthen intrinsic, less dominant, muscle groups from the inside out. And while you won’t necessarily work up a sweat or improve your cardiovascular fitness, you will build true core strength, improve your posture and build long, lean muscles. In other words – you’re tummy will be as flat as a pancake!

Pilates aficionado Anna Frankland (pictured below) used to spend her days participating in gruelling triathlons, but after an injury left her stuck at the starting line, she decided to start Pilates to recover. Today, Anna is qualified instructor and runs her own fitness studio in Blackrock, called Reform Pilates.

Anna Frankland of ReForm Pilates in Blackrock
One look at Anna’s svelte figure proves that Pilates does exactly what it says on the tin and what’s more it doesn’t discriminate by age. Whether young or old Pilates has something to offer.

For women, Pilates can help strengthen pelvic muscles, which is something post natal and older women often struggle with. For men, it can improve flexibility in key muscle groups. It’s considered a very safe form of exercise for pregnant women and it helps correct postural challenges caused by a growing baby. While in older people, Pilates helps maintain motion within the joints and can improve bone density in those suffering from osteoporosis.

Combined with some brisk cardiovascular walks down Dollymount Strand or Dun Laoghaire Pier, Pilates promises to whip you back into shape in no time!

Reform Pilates apps available on the App Store

ReForm Pilates

2nd Floor, 2C Main Street
Co. Dublin

Tel: 087 6719 670

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