Dublin Tech Summit has announced its conference, keynotes, panel discussions and full lineup that will take place at The CCD, Dublin on 15th & 16th February, 2017.

Dublin Tech Summit is a two-day event which provides an opportunity for members of the tech community to experience a breadth of topics and acquire first-hand knowledge from experts and entertaining speakers at the forefront of creative industries, innovation and business.

The conference will welcome 10,000 members of the tech community to the CCD. Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and DTS Keynote speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk built anticipation ahead of his appearance saying “[DTS] will likely be the only time I’ll be in Ireland this year. I have a ton to talk about in 2017 Tech, the rest of the conference is going to be phenomenal.”

I am so proud to have such an incredible team to work with. It’s a small team, but we have all worked tirelessly to ensure that we created a conference that Dublin will be proud of. To see it all come together now is truly breathtaking,” said Noelle O’Reilly, CEO. “We’ve brought together thought-leaders to speak on the biggest trends in technology across the board: consumer data, cyber security, artificial intelligence, technological advances in medicine, digital currency, the crossroads of fashion and technology. Every person and business is affected by technology and innovation—we wanted to acknowledge that with our lineup.”

With a focus on fostering lasting relationships and cultivating an intimate experience for each participant, the two-day conference will feature seven stages:

● Prism (Creativity)
● Business & Marketing
● Internet of Things
● FinTech
● MedTech
● Fashion
● Innovation

Dublin Tech Summit 2017

Featured Sessions

Empowered Users Equals More Money For Publishers – Till Faida, CEO, Adblock Plus

The cost for “free” online content is advertising but as users fight publishers with ad blocking technology the industry needs a new approach to connect with consumers. The Acceptable Ads initiative encourages the ad industry to pursue less intrusive ad forms, thus having a positive impact on the Internet as a whole. Till Faida’s company is at the forefront of the debate, he will share Adblock Plus’s perspective.

Tech Development In The Arts – Jimmy Chamberlin, Co-founder & Drummer, The Smashing Pumpkins, CEO at Blue J Strategies and Matthew Luhn, Story Veteran, Pixar

The arts have always been a sector that has valued tradition. With developments in other areas progressing at unimaginable rates the worlds of art, music, film and theatre can no longer ignore the digital age and the impact it is having on the future of creativity. These two creative heavyweights will unite on stage to explore what’s next.

Why The Next Big Thing In Tech Is Disrupting Sex – Cindy Gallop, CEO
IfWeRanTheWorld & MakeLoveNotPorn

The tech world welcomes innovation and disruption in every area of our lives – except one. Cindy Gallop, founder & CEO of social sex platform MakeLoveNotPorn, will talk about why sextech is the next trillion dollar industry, how it can deliver the most profound social benefit of any area of tech, and why she is raising the world’s first and only sextech fund, AllTheSky Holdings.

Open Source Eating The Software World And The Digital Transformation Necessary To Market IT – Meagen Eisenberg, CMO, MongoDB

Meagen will discuss how open source has become a common phrase throughout the tech world in the past few years but that does not imply that it is fully understood. Open source projects require a specific business model to be sustainable to become part of the digital transformation which is impacting the way software is marketed and sold.

The Trillion Dollar Smart City Opportunity – Jonathan Reichental, CIO, City of Palo Alto

Jonathan Reichental from Palo Alto @ Dublin Tech SummitJonathan introduced a range of programmes that have revolutionised the way citizens interact with local authorities in Palo Alto. He will discuss how there is a multi-trillion dollar global opportunity for technologists and entrepreneurs to reinvent our cities for the 21st Century and we can all be a part of it.

The Future Of Money – Louise Phelan, Vice President of Global Operations, PayPal

As VP at of one of the largest fintech companies in the world, Louise will discuss how the move to mobile is one of the latest major global trends in the ever changing technology industry. This development has required an enormous amount of innovation and further advancements will be required as it shapes the future of money.

Female Leaders Breaking Down Antiquated Barriers

A panel of female leaders in their fields will explore females challenging traditional norms. Are empowered women in business finally being recognised? As women’s lives become more balanced and their presence more common, are they finally receiving the recognition they fully deserve?

Panelists – Kerrie Finch, Founder & CEO, FinchFactor (Moderator), Anne Ravanona, Founder & CEO, Global Invest Her, Colette Ballou, CEO, Ballou PR, Delphine Remy-Boutang, Founder & CEO, The Bureau, & Charlotte Fereday, Programmes Manager, Code First: Girls.

A Customer-Centric Approach To Success – Maria Martinez, President, Global Customer Success, Salesforce

Maria Martinez of SalesforceIn a world where everything and everyone is connected, companies strive to build more meaningful customer relationships at every interaction. New disruptive technologies and rising customer expectations are redefining the vendor/customer paradigm. In this keynote, Maria Martinez, President of Global Customer Success at Salesforce, will address her company’s path to becoming a customer company and Forbes magazine’s “Innovator of the Decade.” She will discuss Salesforce’s 17-year evolution in the cloud and how it works to earn customer satisfaction by transforming their businesses in entirely new ways.

Utilising The Power of Big Data

Big data has big benefits but with increased privacy control and cybersecurity companies could face big problems. Leaders at AliExpress, Corvil, and Yahoo! UK will discuss and debate how they have leveraged big data power and used it to increase visibility and revenue.

Panelists – Dongbai Guo, CTO, AliExpress, Donal Byrne, CEO, Corvil, James Kretchmar, CTO EMEA, Akamai

The Power Of Now – Bruce Daisley, EMEA Vice President, Twitter

In the age of acceleration, delivering an effective message has never been more difficult. To garner the most visibility possible you first need to ensure that the content you create is both efficacious and astute. Given Twitter was built on the power of immediacy, Bruce will share insights into how people can be reached.

The conference schedule is now live and available 0n the Dublin Tech Summit website. Attendees can also download the DTS app which enables them to network with their peers, view the conference programme schedule, companies and startups who will be present at the event. The app also provides those attending with key information as well as an interactive map of the conference.

'Reilly CEO Dublin Tech Summit

Speaking on the app that went live last week, Noelle O’Reilly DTS CEO (pictured above), said, “Seeing the positive reaction amongst attendees connecting and interacting on the DTS app has been a huge motivator for the entire team. Our aim is to make this event something special.”

DTS is committed to ensuring attendees have the best opportunity to build and foster professional connections. The event is an essential destination for global professionals and will feature conference programming, demos, exhibitions, a StartUp competition and a variety of networking opportunities. There are still some tickets remaining which are available for purchase online.


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