What better way to promote your services that with a mascot that seems to have been made by a six year old child on a shoestring budget?

Meet Network Noel, the new face of a Dublin Bus campaign to help commuters get to know their bus service. Even the company themselves admit that he’s ‘decidedly low-fi’, but feel confident that this bus enthusiast, who knows everything there is to know about the Dublin Bus routes, will be a hit with travellers.

Determined to share his knowledge with all and sundry, Noel, a sociable Dub originally from Kimmage, will help bus users to make the most of Dublin Bus’ 28 high-frequency core routes.

He also wants to interact with people and will be the face of a campaign to encourage greater interaction between Dublin Bus and its customers.

The campaign runs from 4th February, on both television and radio. Further information is available on the Dublin Bus website. You can also check out Network Noel’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Dublin Bus and Network Noel

All images courtesy Dublin Bus


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