Park(ing) Day – fewer cars, less emissions, less traffic and a world with more art, more nature, more green space in the city – if only for a day.

Park(ing) Day was started by Rebar, an art and design studio, in San Francisco in 2005 to turn car parking spaces into public parks, games or art installations for one day each September. The founder’s aim is “to promote creativity, civic engagement, critical thinking, unscripted social interactions, generosity and play.”

Dublin’s first Park(ing) Day happended in 2011, and has been growing each year. The aim of the day is to realise a world that is not so car-dependent, a more aethestic and natural world, fostering an appreciation of art, nature, and even the bizarre. The public is encouraged to interact with the parklets. It’s not all about parks though; as the project has evolved mini-theatres, pop-up cafes, game parks and dance halls have all made one-day-only appearances.

Park)ing) Day Dublin 2014

More than 180 cities take part in the event and Dublin rivals New York in terms of participation. Last year the Dublin Cycling Campaign, the Science Gallery, GoCar and DIT Architecture all took part in the movement.

Around the world parklets have offered free health clinics and even been the site of some nuptials. Dublin, we can’t wait to see what happens this year: Make sure to make some time on Friday 19th September to take a ramble about town and enjoy the temporary wonders. Come Saturday, they could again be home to a Fiat Punto.


All images courtesy Park(ing) Day Dublin




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